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Four Reasons For A Dog Food Stand

big dogs food stand

Like so many other areas of dog ownership, there are some bowls and feeders that are designed differently for the benefit of larger dogs.  Dog food stands (like these raised dog bowls for large dogs) are often suggested by pet professionals for larger dogs for several reasons.




1)  Reduce the amount of air the dog swallows. 


Swallowing excessive air while eating can lead to a gassy dog.  That’s never fun.  I’ve used a raised feeder with Nala since she was a puppy and while it hasn’t completely eliminated her gas and burping, it has reduced it.  That’s good enough for me; we’re pretty desperate in that area.  And some vets and experts say that raised feeders can reduce the incidence of bloat, a medical condition that can result from ingesting air.  (If you have questions about bloat and your dog, consult your vet.)


2)  Elevated dog food bowls make eating physically easier on your dog. 


When a bowl is raised to normal height, the dog can swallow more easily.  (Have you ever noticed how your dog raises its head after a drink or bite of food?  That's so that the water and food can go down.)  By raising the bowl, the dog can eat from a more comfortable height.  This is particularly good for older dogs or those with arthritis.  It keeps their backs and necks in gentler positions and improves their posture.


3)  More convenient for you. 


If you don’t want to be bending down to refill bowls all the time, a raised feeder can be more comfortable for you too.  Bowls big enough to satisfy a big dog’s hunger and thirst can get heavy, so that makes sense.


4)  People report using a raised food stand reduces mess in their dog’s feeding area. 


When the dog isn’t raising their head from the ground to swallow each bite, they aren’t dropping as many pieces on the floor.  Any food or water that falls from their mouth goes right back into their raised dog bowl. 


Dog food stands are a must for big dogs.  They mean better posture for your dog, leading to less back and neck pain.  They also produce less gas and less mess to clean, as well as easier refills.  No wonder so many people use them. 


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