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6 Reasons Why Crates Rock

6 reasons why crates rockWhy would you want to spend time crate training your dog? Many people don't realize just how useful crates are for both you and Fido. It's about a lot more than teaching your dog where to go to the bathroom; it's about your dog having positive associations with a crate and being used to using one. (If you're looking for tips on using a crate to house-break an older dog, see this post for 7 easy steps to house-break with a crate).


Here are 6 reasons why crates rock.

1)  Crates are more natural for dogs than you may think.  
In the wild, wolves sleep in burrows and dens. The small, enclosed space is comfortable to them. For dogs, a crate replicates the sensation of a burrow. It connects them with a more natural way of living.

2)  It gives them a safe place.  
Just like us, dogs like having their own space. A crate provides this – it’s a place where they go to escape unruly kids, enjoy their new bone or hide out during thunderstorms.

3)  Crates keep dogs safe in travel.  
As we’ve discussed before, dog car safety involves a lot more than protecting your seat from dog hair. In case of an accident, a crate can keep your dog from being ejected.  

4)  It gets your dog a pass into hotels.  
Many hotels will only allow dogs to stay if they are crated while you are not in the room. If your dog is already crate trained, then he won’t be nervous or confused about being in the crate in a strange space. In fact, the crate will make it feel more like home.

5)  Your dog can keep an eye on the repairman without scaring him off.  
Some people are nervous around big dogs; I’ve had repairmen ask that my Nala be “put away” while they were at our house. With a crate, your protective dog is still able to keep an eye on things but you don’t have to wait to reschedule with a dog-friendly repairman.  

6)  Your dog won't pull a disappearing act.  
If your dog is more like a Houdini than a homebody, he’ll find ways to escape your home – while the repairman is going in or out, while you’re bringing groceries inside, when an unsuspecting guest is making an exit. If you know doors will be open and your dog may run off, put your dog in his crate until all exits are secured.  

That’s just 6 of countless reasons and opportunities to use a crate. Crates are so useful there’s no reason not to have one for your dog.  


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Photo credit: Chelsea Nesvig

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