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Automatic Waterer Outsmarts Goofy Dogs

We had known Lucky barely 5 minutes when we discovered the first of many quirks.  We had responded to her owner’s free-to-good-home ad and were now standing on the driveway, considering the boisterous 1-year-old Lab mix.  Lucky growled at us, sniffed us, then decided she was thirsty.  Once she was done drinking, she promptly put her big paw on the edge of the plastic bowl and knocked it over.

“She does that every time,” her owner said as water flowed down the driveway.

We would come to learn that not only did she knock over her bowl after every drink, but she was thirsty every 5 minutes.  Despite our best efforts to quench her thirst, no water bowl was big enough for her.  She would go for any water source she could find:  puddles, sprinklers, water faucets.  If the sprinklers or faucets weren’t on, she’d chew them in search of water - causing a few hundred dollars’ worth of destruction and countless hours of repair.

I wish we’d had the wall-mounted automatic waterer for her.

automatic waterer


First off, it’s wall-mounted, meaning goofy dogs like Lucky can’t knock it over just because they feel like it.  It holds a full 2.5 gallons of water, which would have taken even Lucky a while to get through.  It automatically refills without overflowing whenever the sensor determines the water level is too low.  This means you never have to worry about your dog running out of water.  (Had Lucky had one of these, it also means she never would have felt the need to chew through all those sprinklers and faucets.)  And the drain plug makes it easy to drain and clean the bowl, so we could empty the bowl of Lucky’s drool every now and then.

I recommend this bowl for homes with multiple dogs, thirsty dogs, dogs that spill half their bowl when they drink, outdoor dogs and dogs that knock their bowls over. 

At 15, Lucky is a lot more mellow than she was when we first met her but she didn’t calm down until she was at least 5.  I really wish we’d had this automatic waterer for her.  It would have made a huge difference during those rambunctious years.

Have you used an automatic waterer for your dog?  Share your stories with us on the Facebook page.

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