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Making Life With Multiple Dogs Easier

More dogs means more love!  It also means more clean-up, more leashes to get tangled, more food and water needed.  We can help.


multiple dogs


  • Leash couplers can get multiple dogs onto one leash.  We have dog leash couplers for 2 dogs so you can put 2 dogs on a single leash.  Cuts down on tangles.
  • Do paw prints mess up your freshly-mopped floors?  Dog booties for hardwood floors keep your floors free of paw prints... at least for a little while longer.  They're also non-skid, so no more sliding across wet floors into walls or cabinets.
  • Give them a backpack to carry their own stuff.  This dog backpack has great storage capacity.  You can use it for their dog park toys, plastic baggies, water bottles, travel food/water bowls...
  • Automatic feeders and waterers ensure that no matter how thirsty they get, your dogs always have plenty of food and fresh water.  Consider the large combo auto feeder and waterer - holds 20 pounds of food and 5 gallons of water.  That should last a day or two, right?


Now, if only we could teach them to refill the feeders themselves...


Photo by Rev Stan on Flickr and used with Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0).

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