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Confession: My Dog Embarrasses Me

As wonderful as they are, dogs don’t all come with the same sense of tact.  Some are prim and proper, making their owners proud with every perfectly-heeled step.  Then there are the dogs who embarrass their owners from time to time.  Mine is one of them.  For me, there are 2 moments that stand out in particular with Nala.


Nala just thinks everything is funny.

We were visiting my parents’ house.  The family had settled downstairs around the family room, Nala laying at my mother’s feet.  All of a sudden my mother called out, “Ugh!  Nala!” as she covered her face and started waving her hand.  “The fan, turn on the fan!”  Apparently, Nala let out a stink bomb at my mother’s feet.  Turning on the fan backfired:  it was set to oscillate and all it did was slam the rest of us with the awful smell.  My entire family ended up running upstairs to escape, while sleepy Nala tried to figure out what was going on.  By the time half of us were up the stairs, she decided she had to follow.  As she got up and ran towards us, my poor mother (who, by the way, has the most sensitive nose in the family) wasn’t thrilled.  “Nala, no!  Go lay down!”  If she wasn't so lovable, she might not have been allowed back.

That’s kind of a common big dog problem though, so I’m sure I’m not alone in that one.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the smell any more bearable.

This one is less common.  And much worse.

One evening, we went to the dog park.  It was a warm summer night, which in Arizona means that all the dogs come out after dark.  The park was hopping and Nala was running from dog to dog, alternately playing chase and checking in with me.  As we made our way towards the back of the play area, I passed a woman in a wheelchair.  I didn’t think anything of it as I made my way towards the water fountain.  Unfortunately, Nala did.  She ran a wide circle around the woman and barked, barked, barked.  There’s lots of barking at the dog park, sure, but this wasn’t play barking.  She wasn’t barking at other dogs.  No, my dog was barking at the wheelchair.  She glared at it, ran circles around it and made a spectacle. 

I got Nala to my side and to the back by the water fountain as fast as my embarrassed, frantic calling would allow.  Thankfully, that’s never happened again – once was more than enough.

As much as we love them, our dogs sometimes embarrass us without meaning to.  And now that I’ve shared my stories, it’s only fair that you share yours.  How has your dog embarrassed you?  Click here and share the fun!

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