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Funniest Dog Trouble Stories

funniest dogGo figure – the winner of “most unusual health insurance claim” goes to a Labrador Retriever.  This year’s VPI Hambone Award winner is Ellie from Santee, California.


Ellie the Lab ate an entire behive and the thousands of bees that were inside.


This spectacular feat garnered Ellie the most votes in the annual competition.  In previous attempts to test her stomach’s strength, Ellie has also eaten toy wooden train tracks and keys from a laptop keyboard, among other things.  So the beehive was another entry in a long list of unusual dog toys for Ellie.  This one, however, was full of pesticides and dead bees, earning Ellie a trip to the vet.  Fortunately, she is perfectly fine now with no lasting effects.


Other winners in this year’s competition:


Second place went to Aubie the Border Collie in Birmingham, Alabama.  He took the stereotypical dog-hates-mailman story to a whole new level.  To get the mailman off his lawn, Aubie jumped through a (closed) living room window, shattered the glass and tore open his leg.  After one trip to the vet and forty stitches to his leg, Aubie has healed.  Can you imagine it from the mailman’s perspective – seeing a dog hurtle itself through a plate glass window to come after you?


Third place went to Darci the West Highland Terrier.  Darci hates noisy appliances, but her owners never thought she would actually attack one – until the day she attacked a chain saw.  It took five hours of surgery to fix her up but she too is fine now.  


Other nominees this year (all of whom recovered) included a Boxer who lost a tooth after catching a delivery truck by its tire, a 93-pound Poodle who ate two baby bottles and a diaper, and a Labrador Retriever that ate 23 packages of instant breakfast left on a kitchen counter.  The VPI Hambone Awards were started in 2009 and named in honor of a dog that got itself stuck in a refrigerator.  The dog ate an entire ham before it was found in the fridge with a licked-clean hambone and mild hypothermia (completely recovered today).   Either the dog couldn’t resist the ham or he needed to make room so he could get comfortable.


These stories just go to show that it’s not just puppies who can get themselves into trouble!  What’s the craziest thing your big dog has done?  Tell us on the Facebook page!


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Photo credit: TheGiantVermin on Flickr, used with Creative Commons License.

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