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Dog Causing Yellow And Brown Spots on Lawn? Here's Help

Brown spots on lawnMany dog owners know the frustration of nurturing a lush, green lawn only for the dog to leave yellow and brown spots on lawn. How does that happen? Is there any way to fix it? The good news is, yes, you can fix it. But first, let’s debunk some myths and look at the truth of how it happens.


Many myths are out there about why dog urine harms grass. Some say it’s because dog urine is acidic (it’s not); some say it’s caused by female dogs only (it’s not). Here’s the truth: those spots on your lawn are caused by nitrogen in your dog’s urine. In small amounts, nitrogen can actually nourish a lawn. In concentrated doses, like that from dog urine, it burns grass instead. That’s why you end up with yellow and brown spots in your lawn.

Since there’s no escaping the fact that your dog needs to relieve himself, the question is how to protect your grass from the urine. There are 3 approaches you can try. 


  1) Dilute the urine on impact. Basically, this means pouring water on the spot where your dog relieves himself, as soon as he does so. In theory, this is effective. It spreads out the urine so your grass gets the fertilizing benefit of the nitrogen without burning. In practice, it’s a nuisance to follow your dog around with a bucket of water every time he goes outside. 


  2) Dilute the urine from within. Many people put tomato sauce on their dog’s food in the hopes that it will lessen the effect of the urine on grass. It’s an old remedy that has anecdotal but no scientific evidence to support it. Before adding anything to your dog’s food, ask your vet to make sure it’s safe for your dog. Tomatoes are ok for dogs, but their leaves and vines are not. Plus, not all dogs can eat everything that is generally safe for dogs, so better safe than sorry. 


  3) Use a solution designed for fighting dog urine on grass. Products like this dog urine grass repair solution use natural enzymes to reduce the impact of urine while nourishing your grass in the areas where your dog goes. This helps those areas become stronger and greener while making your lawn green again.


The good news is you don't have to choose between your dog and a green lawn. While dog urine sometimes causes yellow and brown spots on lawn, it it will nourish your grass and give you the lush green lawn you want if handled correctly. Try the grass repair solution above to take back your gorgeous lawn. Order the urine grass repair solution now by clicking the blue link.


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Photo credit: Mary-Frances Main

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