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How Do I Keep My Big Dog Cool In Summer?


Keeping dogs cool, keep your dog cool in summer

Large dogs' bodies only have 2 ways to cool down when they're hot:  panting and sweating through their paws.  Here are a few ways you can help them cool down.


First off, make sure your dog always has plenty of water  We have several large dog waterers for home and on-the-go.  Here are a few:


   At home:



 Besides hydration, there are other ways to help your big dog keep cool in hot weather:

  • A cooling dog bandana can provide your dog some relief from the heat wherever he goes - at home, at the dog park, on the trail.
  • This cooling mat can provide your dog a place to cool down, either after a walk or when it's just too warm. 
  • Same goes for the elevated dog beds (which is also great for camping).




And please, never leave your big dog in a hot car!  Even when it doesn't feel too hot out, the inside of a car can heat up very quickly and lead to heat illness and even death.  Don't forget, it takes a big dog a lot longer to cool down than it does little dogs (not that you should leave them in hot cars either).


Making good on our promise - "cool" stuff for big dogs!  (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)


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Photo credit:  rgourley 

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