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Dog Lifevest: But Can't They Swim?

dog lifevest

Yes, most dogs can swim.  But a dog lifevest does more than help your dog swim.  Here’s how it keeps your dog safe during water adventures.

You know your dog is with you and in the water, but do others?  A brightly-colored life jacket for dog will make sure that your dog is highly visible to everyone around.  This means that boaters won’t accidentally get too close to your dog or hit him because they couldn’t see his dark coat in the water.  It also means that you can quickly spot him, even if he swims away from you.

Quick-grab Handles
Why on earth would a dog need a handle?  Picture this:  You’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon on a boat when your dog decides the water looks more interesting.  He jumps overboard.  How do you get him back on board?  Somebody has to jump over and haul him up.  Unless he has a handle.  Dog life vests often have handles along the top so you can easily grab him and pull him back up.  If the dog is small enough you can even use a pole with hook to grab the handle and quickly bring him back onboard.

Fatigue Support
Even the most energetic dogs get tired at some point.  Puppies are especially likely to go until suddenly they’re ready to fall asleep.  Suppose your dog pushes himself in his excitement until he can’t go anymore – but that point hits when he’s out in the middle of the water?  The buoyancy of the life vest will help him stay afloat even when he’s got no more energy.  That means that he is safe until he can slowly paddle back or until you go get him.  

Not all dogs can swim well, but even those that do will benefit from a dog lifevest.  They keep your dog visible, provide an easy way to hang on to them, and give you reassurance that your dog will be safe, even if he’s tired from a day of swimming.  

If your dog accompanies you in water sports, a dog lifevest is worth every penny.  Click here to check out our large dog life jacket.


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