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Dog Photos With Santa: Are They Right For Your Dog?

dog photos with santa

Many people love the idea of getting big dog photos with Santa.  These dogs are like our children, so why not?

The truth is, photos with Santa are not for every dog.  They can actually cause a lot of stress for dogs, who haven’t heard that the guy in the red suit brings treats.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering photos with Santa for your dog.

1)  Is your dog comfortable in crowds? 

Often times, there is a line to take a photo with Santa.  Is your dog comfortable being surrounded by that many animals and people?

2)  Is your dog comfortable with costumes? 

Dogs who get nervous when they see trick-or-treaters in costume at Halloween are likely to get nervous when they see the jolly man in a costume and beard.  Much like small kids, dogs may get scared of Santa.

3)  Is your dog good at taking photos? 

Some dogs are too boisterous to sit still for a picture.  The staff trying to get people through the pictures often just want to get it done quickly and may not be as patient with your dog as you are.  The first time I went for dog photos with Santa, the assisting staff member was very rough with my senior dog, who wouldn’t sit still – and whose legs gave out from under her when the staff member tried to force her into a sit.  (I’m never putting a senior dog through that again.)

4)  Would a photo at home come out better? 

If you answered “no” to the 3 questions above, chances are you’re not going to get the perfect picture with Santa at a public event.  Instead, invite a friend over for cookies in exchange for taking a photo of you and your big dog together.  This way, your dog will be in a familiar environment with familiar people, without the extra sounds, smells and sights that would distract her.  It can still be festive – take the photo in front of your tree, put a festive dog bandana or dog fleece sweater on your pup and voila.  The perfect holiday photo without the stress.

If your dog is comfortable in any environment and a ham for the camera, holiday photos with Santa are a great chance to put that comfort into action.  Capture some festive memories for a lifetime.  But before getting in line for your big dog photos with Santa, make sure it’s something your dog will enjoy too.

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