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Dog Undercover

dog undercover

Plenty of dogs are on Twitter.  (PawPosse has a whole Twitter list of them - just click the Twitter link up top.)  But there's one dog who is a little bit different:  James Bond (@JamesBondtheDog).  He's a Bassett Hound mix and a dog spy.  Here are some of his best posts about living as a doggie double agent (and living with fellow dog Julep).


   •  Sniffing out the WTOC station. If there's a secret message here I'll find it.
   •  Today's mission: rescue frog toy from the bathroom where Julep is keeping him.
   •  Tried to leave a message in the park for a fellow spy but my human picked it up, put it in a bag and tossed it.  Uncool.
   •  Julep ran on the treadmill today. She's trying to stay in her Bond Girl bikini-ready shape.
   •  Saturday morning mission: steal human's pancake.
   •  Just heard from the Census Bureau. They have a special mission for me: counting all squirrels in Savannah.
   •  If we wear badges, we might be too conspicuous. Squirrels are tricky.
   •  A kid in the park just called me Underdog. I guess it's an incognito day for this 007.  
   •  In case you were wondering I did help identify that Russian spy ring. Amazing what I can do when I'm done napping.
   •  Today's mission: observe mass group of Pelicans & look for imposters
   •  I wonder if my rival spies know that rain often keeps me away from missions.  #HateWetPaws
   •  Dealing with requests to be in the new Bond film. So far they're not agreeing to my rider demand of green doggie treats.

With a Bassett Hound nose, I'm sure he'll be able to sniff out any bad guys around. 


If your dog was a spy, what would he say?  Tell us!


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Photo credit:  pedrosimoes7 

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