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Giving Thanks For My Big Dog

I wake up in the morning and walk out of the bedroom to the soft thump-thump of a tail. Nala’s still laying in her bed, eyes barely open, but her tail activates as soon as she hears my footsteps. Occasionally, the silly girl’s tail thumps against a guitar, sending off a vibrating hum that finally motivates her to lift her head to investigate (maybe). It’s an amazing way to start the day – with a reminder that someone loves you so much, she’s happy just to hear you walk in the room.


Throughout the day, Nala serves as the best office-mate a girl could ask for. She lays across my feet, keeping them warm as the days get cooler. She gets excited for breakfast at 10am, as much a foodie as her mama. She keeps an eye on the neighborhood, alerting me to deliveries before the package has even been unloaded from the truck. In between alerts, she stays quiet so I can get work done. Every now and then, she nudges my hand off my mouse – a gentle reminder that all work and no play makes Mom a dull Mom. She lets me focus but reminds me to take breaks too. Her antics make me laugh, keeping me happy and smiling all day long. 



sleeping Nala

With poses like this, Nala can make me laugh even in her sleep.


Let’s not forget that she’s the reason why I started – so it was easier for big dog owners like me to find great stuff for the dogs they love like Nala. I love what I do, and it’s all thanks to her.


Nala and I walk around the neighborhood just before the sun goes down. Sometimes we walk through the park, seeing ducks and geese at the lake and kids on the playground. There’s usually at least one child who sees Nala and yells “Doggie!” When one is brave enough to walk up to my big girl, she stands calmly, happily accepting their petting and licking their hands and faces. Other days we walk through the residential neighborhood, offering different sights and sounds for Nala to investigate. Our evening constitutional is a great time for bonding and further training. We’ve had our obstacles, but Nala’s a quick learner. She makes me proud with every feisty dog she ignores and every non-pulling step she takes.


  nala in the park with harness  

Seriously, I can't praise the no pull harness enough.

She loves it and so do I.


Later in the evening, when she hears her dad's car pull up after work, Nala runs outside to visually confirm his arrival and runs inside for a toy. She can’t greet Dad empty-handed. Nala bounces around, ready to pounce and play like she did as a puppy. Later, she’ll lay beside the couch as we watch TV together, our favorite shows punctuated by commercial breaks and sloppy kisses on the hand. We marvel at how much joy and life she brings to our home, and struggle to imagine what our home would be like if I hadn’t fallen for this beautiful pound puppy.


Every day, I am thankful for Nala. Her arrival took us from being a couple to being a family, and she turned our house into a home. Our living room features nice furniture alongside an ugly old blanket Nala adores; our floor is sprinkled with dog hair and rubber toys. We're constantly picking things up that her tail has swept off tables.


And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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