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How American Dogs Travel

About half of all pet owners travel with their pets. Whether they’re getting out of town for a day or embarking on a full vacation, pets are part of the family and go along for the ride.

And why not? I’ve travelled with my dog and it’s a lot of fun. Dogs are wonderful ice-breakers and you never know what intriguing conversation will follow the question “Can I pet your dog?” (That’s a great way to get a local’s recommendations on what to see, by the way.) For me, it’s always refreshing to visit someplace I’ve been a hundred times before and see it from a new perspective – what captures my dogs interest that I never noticed before and interesting new spots to visit that welcome my dog.

What does it look like when dogs go on vacation?


How American dogs travel

Like a lot of fun, that's what it looks like

According to a survey conducted by AAA and Best Western, here’s where furry family members go:
   •  Visiting friends/family – 78%
   •  Road trips – 50%
   •  Camping – 27%
   •  Visiting the city – 23%
   •  Hiking – 17%

These destinations make a lot of sense. Road trips are a great option if you have concerns about flying with your dog. Camping and hiking are both great ways to get outdoors with your dog without worrying about hunting for pet-friendly hotels or restaurants. It’s often easier to find friends or family willing to accommodate pets, especially if you have a big dog that exceeds weight limits or a breed that is banned from some hotels. Don’t let that discourage you, though, as more and more hotels are welcoming dogs for overnight stays. Read More: How To Find Dog Friendly Hotel Chains

Why do dogs go along for the ride? As dogs become more important members of their family, they’re harder to leave behind. AAA and Best Western asked travelers why they enjoyed traveling with their pets. Some amusing responses include:
   •  Good for cuddling – 27%
   •  Always let you choose the destination – 18%
   •  Doesn’t hog the remote control – 12%
   •  Snores less than spouse or significant other – 7%

Clearly, owners in the last category do not have Boxers or Bulldogs (my dog is a mix of both, so I wear earplugs at night). Regardless, dogs bring a lot of joy to our daily lives and are great travel companions.

If you’d like to join the thousands of travelers who take their dogs, check out the following articles to get started:
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Photo credit: Mitch Barrie

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