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How To Pick Up A Dog

As dogs get older, they often need help getting up stairs or into cars.  Their hips are becoming more sensitive, and any extra pressure and weight – like what they experience when they try to stand up on two legs – can be painful.  They need your help, but you need to know how to pick up a dog properly or you risk injury yourself.

The key is distributing your dog’s weight so that it doesn’t hurt them or you.  A lifting dog harness is incredibly useful here.
How to pick up a dog
With the lifting dog harness, you take on some of the weight for your dog.  The harness is a broad band that goes below his belly and up around his sides into handles that you use to lift him.  As you lift, you take on some of the weight which relieves pressure on his back legs.  This makes it easier for him to get into cars, climb up stairs, and so on.
The harness also helps you because it reduces the strain of lifting your dog’s weight.  Ordinarily, you would have to bend over, wrap your arms under your dog’s belly, then lift with your back.  Lifting with your back is dangerous and has a high risk of injury, so that’s a bad way to lift a dog.  With the lifting harness, the harness goes under your dog’s belly instead of your arms, minimizing how much bending you have to do.  The handles on the harness allow you to do more of the lifting with your arms, reducing your risk of injury.
The key to the power of the harness is that it makes it easier for you to take on some of your dog’s weight.  That relieves the pressure on his back legs and makes it easier for him to climb up stairs or into your car.  
The lifting harness provides an extra benefit of reassurance if your dog loses his footing.  If a foot slips, you’re providing an additional measure of support so he’s less likely to fall.  If he does fall, it will be with less force because you’re taking on some of his weight.  This means that his risk of injury is lower.
There’s a right way and a wrong way to lift a dog.  When you know how to pick up a dog the right way, it will relieve pressure and pain on your dog, as well as provide safety to both you and your dog.  
If you have a dog that needs help climbing, order a lifting dog harness today.  You’ll be glad you did.
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