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Keeping Your Car Clean When Your Dog Rides Along

We understand that your dog can leave a mess in your car to rival any kids' mess - hair, dirt, leaves, wet paws.  (Not to mention wet nose marks on the inside of your car windows.  Slimy.)


windows nose art


Our dog car accessories section has products that will help protect your car when your dog is in it.  From covers for both car seats and cargo areas, to hammocks that will both cover your seat and prevent your dog from trying to ride shotgun.  The car harnesses connect to seat belts to keep your dog safely restrained in your car - and perhaps reduce the number of nose marks on your windows.  If you haven't used dog car accessories before, here are two different kinds and what purpose they serve:


  • A pet auto barrier that prevents your dog from climbing into the front seat when he's in the back.  A dog trying to climb up front is a major driving distraction and unsafe, so keep him securely in the back.
  • Car hammocks do the job of both the car seat cover and the back seat curtain:  they keep your seats covered and protected while preventing your dog from climbing into the front. Muddy paws from a hike?  Wet from the lake?  No problem.


This dog definitely needs a back seat barrier and a harness.


dog making mess in car


Also check out our post on dog car safety.  We have some tips and tricks there (like using harnesses and truck tethers) to keep your dog safe in the car, whether you're going on a road trip or just down the street to the vet.  


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Photo at top by mcmorgan08 and bottom by orchid9

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