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Safe Dog Travel By Car

tips on dog car safety

Keep your big dog happy and safe in the car.  Ensure their safety - like people, dogs can get ejected in car accidents.  Dangerous and completely preventable.  


Dog car harnesses keep a dog securely fastened inside a car.  It connects to a seat belt so that your dog can have the same protection you do in the event of an accident.  In addition to preventing ejection in an accident, it also prevents dogs from climbing into the front seat - a dangerous distraction to the driver.


For dogs who like to look out the windows, we carry the Kurgo Auto Zip Line which allows your dog the ability to roam in the back seat without sacrificing their safety.  The zip line can be paired with the large dog car harness, to create a dog restraint system that fits all vehicles.


Another tip to help keep your dog calm is to bring a travel dog bed. If you train your dog to go to bed, and be comforted by a bed, then having the dog bed in the back of your car will keep them calmer on your trips.  Of course, we don't recommend using this on a car seat, as the bed could slip off the seat during a hard brake. This extra tip really works best in a mimvan or other car with extra space for rear passengers. 


Keep your pets safe, and happy travelling!


 Photo by kathilee.c


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