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Rain Gear For Dogs

dogs in the rain


In rainy weather, it can seem like there's no way to avoid the awful smell of wet dog.  (The dog in the photo looks like he knows he's about to be banished.  Or worse, bathed.)  But we have a few things that can help you minimize how wet your dog gets.

  • Raincoats-  The large dog raincoat is breathable but warm and completely waterproof. 
  • Dog boots that stay on.  Bonus:  it might help keep your floors and carpet a little drier.  No guarantees on dogs that love puddles, though.
  • Car seat covers-  We have lots of them in our dog products for cars department.  This way, if you have to put your wet dog in your car, you can at least remove whatever they sit on so your car doesn't smell like wet dog for weeks.  That would be gross.



If you haven't yet, check out our post on keeping dogs warm in cold weather.  If it's rainy and wet where you are, we have some solutions to keeping your dog warm.  Once he dries off, of course.

Photo by I don't make art anymore on Flickr

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