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Keeping Dogs Warm In Cold Weather

Big black dog in snowEven with their fur coats, dogs feel the cold. This is especially true for dogs with thin coats, like Greyhounds, Dalmations, and Boxers. There are things you can do to keep your dog protected from the cold so that you can keep up their walks and exercise even in the dead of winter.

Winter dog jackets are step 1 for keeping a big dog warm during the winter. Just like for humans, an extra layer of padding keeps body heat in.  These jackets keep your dog extra-warm as you walk outside, and will hold in their body heat as they exercise. Some dogs, like Huskies, have a double coat to provide insulation in the cold; for dogs with short coats not made for the cold, winter dog jackets replicate that extra layer of insulation.


Dogs release heat through their paws. Because of that, protective dog boots for snow will keep dogs warm.  It will also keep ice, snow and salt from getting in their foot fur and between the pads of their feet. Some breeds, like Chow Chows, hate to get their paws wet, making snow a problem despite their thick double coats. Boots keep their paws dry, just the way they like them. This cold-weather apparel for dogs helps make walks and exercise even in the dead of winter more bearable.

Back at home, there are other options for keeping your dog warm. Cold air sinks, making the floor where your dog lies the coldest part of the house. Beds ranging from simple padded beds to warm fleece-lined beds provide extra warmth and protection against cold flooring. They are versatile for use on the floor, in crates and in kennels. This Greyhound dog bed will work well for most dog breeds and offers your dog a refuge to curl up and keep warm.  


For dogs that spend time outdoors in the winter, keeping them hydrated is often tricky business. The last thing you want is for your dog to enjoy a good romp in the snow then run to his water bowl, only to find a block of ice instead of water. To prevent this problem, use a heated water bowl. It keeps the water from turning to ice, so anytime your dog is outside he is assured drinkable water.


Winter is coming.  How will your dog stay warm this winter?  


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