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2 Dog Food Companies Recall 6 Dog Food Brands

When it rains, it pours. Two companies have issued recalls on dog food that affects a total of 6 brands of dog food.

Recall #1: Natura Pet Brands

Natura recently found a batch of food contaminated with salmonella. With continued testing, they have found that the contamination affects more foods than previously thought, all manufactured in the same facility. Natura is voluntarily recalling all dog and cat foods made on this manufacturing line from January through March of this year.

Natura is a large company with several highly-recognized brands. Their recall affects 5 of their brands:

   •  Innova
   •  EVO
   •  California Natural
   •  HealthWise
   •  Karma

Normally, we would list each of the formulas affected by this recall. However, the list is simply too long to duplicate here. If you feed your dog any of the brands listed above, please review this list of recalled Natura foods to determine if your dog’s food is affected. Note, the recall affects cat and ferret food as well, so if you have a multi-species household you should definitely take a look.

If you have any of these recalled foods, and want a replacement or refund, Natura requests that you call (800) 224-6123.

Recall #2: BARF World

BARF World is a smaller company that focuses on raw diets. Their food has not tested positive for salmonella; salmonella was found on a non-food item in the same manufacturing facility BARF World uses. Their voluntary recall affects all foods made the same day and in the same location as the contaminated products.

BARF World products affected by the recall include:

Formula Use-By Date
BARF Lamb Patties 07/27/13
BARF Combo Patties 07/27/13
BARF Combo Patties (Bulk) 07/27/13

If you have any of the affected foods, contact BARF World’s customer service line at (866) 282-2273, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Why Salmonella Is So Serious And What To Do Next

(Whether You Buy These Foods Or Not)

Salmonella is a particularly nasty bug to get into food because it can be spread between humans and animals, making it a public health concern.


Symptoms of salmonella are similar between dogs and humans. They include:

Human symptoms of salmonella:                  Canine symptoms of salmonella:
   • Stomach cramping    • Loss of appetite
   • Fever      • Fever
   • Nausea    • Lethargy
   • Vomiting    • Vomiting
   • Diarrhea    • Diarrhea
   • Bloody diarrhea     • Bloody diarrhea

How To Keep Salmonella From Spreading

Throw away any food affected by a salmonella-prompted recall in a place your dog cannot “rescue” it. Thoroughly wash any bowls, storage containers, and serving scoops that may have come in contact with the food. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the food and food items.

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