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Recycling From Around The House For Your Big Dog

recyclingThere are lots of things around your house that you can recycle as large dog supplies.  Here are some things you can re-purpose for your big dog:

•  Old towels. 

Towels that are torn, stained, etc. can be great for doggie baths.  Use one to towel off your large dog after the bath, then lay another one down outside to roll around on.  (Don’t lay a towel down for long-haired dogs, whose hair will mat.)


•  Plastic produce bags. 

These can be reused as poop bags on walks, hikes, other places where you need to pick up after your dog immediately.


•  Old blanket. 

Use it as a second cover for your large dog’s bed to help the bed last longer.  Then when you wash the blanket, your dog can still lay on a covered bed.


•  Whistles. 

You don’t need a special dog whistle, a regular one will work just fine.  Just keep it away from kids, who might get too much enjoyment out of it.


•  Kitty litter scooper. 

It also works great on dog doo in dirt, and works well about half the time on grass.

Other items are better kept for human use and shouldn’t be used as large dog supplies.  Resist the urge to use any of these items on your large dog:

•  Your kids’ stuffed animals. 

The plastic eyes and noses can be chewed and swallowed by your large dog, making stuffed animals dangerous substitutes for dog toys.  Some have electronic parts, which can be even more dangerous.  Only give your dog actual dog toys.


•  Bed sheets as car seat covers. 

They are too thin to protect your seats – especially if your dog is wet or has muddy paws.  Bed sheets also don’t stay put, exposing your seat to your dog as it moves around in the back.  Dog rear car seat covers have special straps and fittings to stay fastened to your seat.  Some also include seat belt slots for use with dog car restraints.


•  Human shampoo and conditioner. 

Dog shampoo and conditioners are specially formulated for a dog’s unique needs.  Their skin is different from ours and so it needs its own cleaning products.   Human shampoos can be harsh on a dog’s skin and strip it of its natural oils, which are especially crucial for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.


•  Bowls meant for human use. 

Manufacturers of human kitchenware don’t assume that their bowls will have water in them 24/7 so they’re not made for that.  Many large dog bowls are treated with antimicrobial solution that protects your dog from germs that grow in areas with constant water.  


What other items around the house have you repurposed as large dog supplies?  What do you recommend against?  Share your tips with us on the Facebook page!


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