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Are Doggie Coats Necessary?

doggie coats

Are doggie coats necessary? Dogs are dogs, and they’re fine in all sorts of climates – right? Not necessarily, and a coat will protect your dog against far more than just the cold. Here are 5 ways they provide your dog necessary protection in winter.


Provide Warmth

This is the most obvious benefit: they keep your dog warm when it’s cold out. This is especially important for dogs with short coats, who are not naturally built for the cold. They need an extra layer to keep warm outdoors, and a coat will provide that protection. Much like layering clothes keeps us warmer, layering a jacket over their natural hair keeps dogs warmer.


As they walk through snow drifts, dogs’ hair gets wet from snow. Wet hair is not fun for humans in the cold, and the same goes for dogs. Wet hair makes your dog get chill quicker and warm up slower. Many dog winter coats are waterproof to keep snow from settling into your dog’s natural coat. This is even important for double-coated dogs, whose thick undercoat doesn’t get wet easily but once it's wet, stays wet much longer.


Ease Grooming

Long hair tends to mat when it gets wet. Keeping your dog’s long hair covered and protected from the elements keeps it from being exposed to moisture, preventing grooming problems later on. As mentioned above, dogs with double coats take longer to get wet through but take a long time to dry. If you don’t want to take a dryer to your dog, it’s easier to keep them from getting wet.

Avoid Toxins

Antifreeze and rock salt are commonly used in the winter to fight snow and ice. These are toxic to dogs and can get in their fur as they walk. When your dog goes home and licks himself, he’s licking up those toxins as well. Coats minimize your dog's exposure and reduce his risk of ingesting these toxins.


Enhance Visibility

Most doggie coats come in bright, vivid colors that stand out against snow. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your dog and for others to know that he’s there. Many coats also feature reflective strips so that your dog is visible even after dark.


Some dogs may be built for the cold, but most aren't. Doggie coats provide protection against the cold and much more, so they're really useful throughout the winter months.


If your dog could use the protection a doggie coat offers, order one of these dog jackets for winter. They're brightly colored and feature reflective strips, a warm inner layer and a waterproof outer layer to provide your dog several forms of winter protection. Click the link to order yours.


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