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The Dog Anxiety Wrap That Works

Anxiety Wrap For Dogs: How Does It Work?

Dogs are den animals. They find a sense of safety and security in small, snug places, like crates or behind furniture.  That’s why a nervous dog will hide behind furniture or under a bed when a storm hits; he’s looking for a snug place to feel secure.


Enter the Thundershirt. It’s a drug-free anxiety wrap that relieves stress in dogs, whether it’s caused by a thunderstorm or a car trip.  If your dog gets nervous in certain situations – shaking, pacing, barking excessively, hiding – the Thundershirt may be what you need.


How Does A Dog Anxiety Wrap Work?


The Thundershirt provides that den-like sensation in a portable form. It’s a stretchy material that fits snugly on a dog. This provides gentle soothing pressure across the dog’s torso. That pressure is what relieves anxiety, much like acupressure does for people. Or think about how successful swaddling blankets are for babies. Dr. Temple Grandin has done research showing how deep pressure calms the nervous system for those with autism.  Across the board, pressure provides relief.


The Thundershirt is recommended anytime your dog is feeling anxious, such as:

   •  During storms

   •  On the 4th of July when fireworks go off

   •  In the car

   •  At the vet

   •  When meeting new people or animals


With this solution, your dog can get relief from anxiety without medications.  The pressure from the shirt starts working as soon as you put the shirt on your dog.  That’s better than medication, where you would have to wait for it to kick in and let your dog suffer until then.  It’s also useful because it’s much more portable than a crate, allowing you to easily take it wherever you and your dog go.


If your dog suffers from anxiety, give the Thundershirt a try. Click here to order yours today.


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