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Top 10 Weird Dog Names Of 2012

Weird dog namesWe’ve all heard of dogs named Sadie and Max, Bella and Butch. On the other end of the spectrum, what are the weirdest dog names out there? Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) decided to find out.

VPI went through their subscriber base to find the most unusual pet names. After selecting a base of unusual names, a vote decided the top 10 strangest dog names. Here they are:

Top 10 Weird Dog Names Of 2012 (and their possible origins)


Chew Barka ...A loud Star Wars fan?
Stinker Belle ...Enough said.
Vienna Sausage ...A Dachshund. Has to be.
Agent 99 ...Sneaky? Sneaks up on you from dark corners?
Trigonometry ...Someone loved math class. Clearly.
Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle ...Fancy pants.
Spark Pug ...A short-nosed fiesty one.
Senorita Margarita ...Mm, a tequila fan.
Nigel Nosewhistle ...I'm picturing a dog who whines in his sleep a lot.
Furnace Hills Dante ...Beats me.


According to Curtis Steinhoff, director of corporate communications for VPI, these weird dog names have more behind them than a laugh factor. The owners of the pets with the award-winning names had some touching, one-of-a-kind stories behind the names. “While monikers like Stinker Belle and Vincent Van Furrball might sound odd, they are also a reflection of what makes each pet unique and special to their family," Steinhoff says.

Are you looking for dog names of the more traditional variety? Check out this list of popular names for puppies. Add your dog's name to the list if it's not there already.


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Photo credit: Tommi Virtanen

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