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Multiple Dog Leash Stops Tangled Leashes

multiple dog leash

Say goodbye to tangled leashes.

Do your dogs get so excited on walks that they wind around each other, around you, tangling up their leashes into a ridiculous mess?  The multiple dog leash, also known as a dog leash coupler, allows you to walk 2 dogs on a single leash, making a walk much easier and less frustrating for you. 

The multiple dog leash comes with 2 ends to allow 2 dogs to be clipped onto a single leash.  At 36 inches long, it gives plenty of room for 2 big dogs to walk side by side but not so much room that they get tangled.  It's more comfortable for you and your dog, as they have shock-absorbing technology to reduce the impact on you and your dog.  The single gentle handles relieve your hands of the discomfort that comes with holding a bundle of handles..

A multiple dog leash works with any standard collars.  Just clip it onto your dogs’ collars like you would a standard leash.

If you take 2 dogs out at a time and their leashes get tangled, they go in opposite directions, or wrap their leashes around you and you’re tired of it, a multiple dog leash is what you need.


Buy a dog leash coupler now, to get relief.


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