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Cold Weather Canine Cures

cold weather canine cures

Winter is coming.


With much of the United States soon to be covered in snow, it’s never been a better time to review some important things to consider when it’s cold outside. Winter weather can be especially challenging for dogs, and you should do everything you can to help them out.

According to Paw Rescue more dogs are reported missing during winter than in any other time of year. While it may be tempting to let Fido run around for a stroll without a leash, dogs cannot smell as well while there is snow on the ground, and they may get lost. The drastically different looking physical environment doesn’t make it any easier for them to find their way home. Don’t be afraid to let your dog play, but keep a hand on the leash.


Along with the snow comes the cold. If you’re going on a particularly long walk, make sure your dog is bundled up properly. Doggy sweaters that cover both his top and his belly will help keep your pooch cozy during your trot. A pair of dog boots for snow will help keep his paws warm, and also protect his sensitive pads from abrasive street salt, which can lead to painful cracking and bleeding.

Finally, keep an eye on Fido while he’s out and about during a snow melt. It’s important not to let your canine drink from any puddles or rain run off because it can contain things like anti-freeze and salt -- substances that appear tasty, but can be deadly to your dog.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to control the weather, but with your trusty companion properly taken care of next to you, we can all make the best of it! This year, make sure you send us any awesome snowy dog pictures so that we can share them with all of our readers.



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