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Dog Coats For Large Dogs - More Than A Fashion Statement

large dog coats for winterSome people scoff at buying clothes for their big dog, as if cute clothes are only for little dogs.  Sometimes it's about fashion, sure.  But when it comes to dog coats for large dogs, it’s about practicality and your big dog’s health.  

Dog coats for large dogs add an extra layer of protection against the cold for your big dog.  Not all dogs are built for the cold – dogs with double coats, like Chow Chows or Siberian Huskies, are genetically designed to handle cold weather.  Dogs with single coats are not and may need some help braving the cold.  A large dog coat for winter will provide that warmth and insulation by keeping out the cold and keeping in their natural body heat.

Some large dog coats are water resistant, meaning that they won’t get soaked if they get hit with rain or snow.  This also helps keep your big dog warm by preventing the wetness from soaking into their coat, keeping them wet and cold long after you’ve gone back inside.  It also keeps you from having to do the extra work of drying off a wet dog or dealing with wet dog smell.   

Next time you and your dogs step out into the winter air, think about how large dog coats for winter will give them extra comfort.   They will get extra warmth, less dampness and more enjoyment out of your walk.  And since you won’t have to worry about them getting too cold or wet, you’ll get more enjoyment out of it too.


Thanks for reading and caring so much for your dog.  Get your dog jackets for winter now.


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