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Cooling beds for dogs


Cooling Beds For Dogs

Perfect for keeping dogs cool in the summer. Most cooling dog beds require you to soak the mat in water, leaving your dog damp and smelly each time he uses it. This innovative dog bed provides your dog the same cooling benefits without leaving him soggy and stinky. Available in 3 sizes.



Heated water bowl


Heated Water Bowl

Bowls left outdoors in the winter are at risk for freezing over. This means that after an exciting romp in the snow, your dog has no water available, even if you dutifully filled his bowl. This heated water bowl keeps the water from freezing over, ensuring that your dog always has drinkable water outside.



Orthopedic dog beds for large dogs


Orthopedic Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Large dogs carry around more weight than their smaller counterparts. This puts more stress on their joints and leads to worse wear and tear over time. Orthopedic dog beds are big enough for large dogs and provide the extra support that their bodies need.


We are proud to carry these K&H products. As we add more products to our catalog, we will update this list.


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