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Dog Chew Toys: A Buyer's Guide

With the variety of dog chew toys available, how do you know which is the best for your dog? Here’s a handy buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect toy for your pup.

Smart dogs:

Your dog is surprisingly smart. He gets bored easily and doesn’t need just any old chew toy. He needs something that will challenge his brain.

dog chew toys

Kong Genius: This toy can be stuffed with bones, treats, and food. For an added challenge, connect multiple Geniuses. Pictured at right with 3 connected toys and treats.

Everlasting Treat Ball: This extra tough toy has two openings that release treats or kibble. For a bigger challenge, cover both openings with Everlasting Treat Refills. These bone-like chews make your dog work to get to the center.



These dogs don’t chomp their way through toys. Instead, they take their time. They work little by little to shred toys. Or, they’ll prance around, chewing on the toy just to enjoy the way it feels between their teeth.

No Stuffing Dog Toys: These toys are made of many layers of felt, making it more difficult for your dog to tear it apart than other soft chew toys. Dogs that love soft toys will enjoy this toy without leaving piles of white fluff everywhere.

Crunchy Chew Toy: These toys look like regular plush toys. The secret is they only have a soft cover. Inside is a plastic water bottle, which many dogs love for its unique feel and crackling sound. A Velcro strap lets you change out the plastic bottle as needed.


For these dogs, toys are no fun if they don’t make noise. The noisier, the better. For the generous pet parents who indulge this craving, we have some squeaky toys that will put your dog in doggie nirvana.

super squeaky dog toy

Super Squeaky Dog Toys: These stuffed toys feature adorable animals with square bodies (shown at right). These bodies form a 4x4 grid of squeakers – yes, that’s 16 squeakers in 1 toy. It’s like bubble wrap for dogs.

Plush Puppies Dog Toys: Just like the Super Squeaky Dog Toys, these include 16 squeakers. The difference is this toy is longer and skinnier, making it perfect for playing with another dog or you. Get this if you have multiple dogs who love squeakers and a good game of tug-of-war.


These dogs just like to chew. Plain and simple.

Kong Blue: This is the toughest Kong available, even tougher than the Black Kong Extreme. Stuff with a little peanut butter and freeze for an extra treat. Read more: 9 Things You’ve Never Done With Kongs

Triple Threat Bouncy Bone: The center is a bouncy ball with a little give to it for gnawing. On each side, it has durable bone-like material for a tougher chew. In between the ball and bones are rawhide-like chews for a tasty treat. It’s a dog’s 3 favorite chews in one.


At A Glance:

Need a quick-glance guide? This comparison of dog chew toys will help. Click on the product name to order yours today.



  Soft Durable Good With Treats Noisy Good For Multiple Dogs
Kong Genius   X X    
Everlasting Treat Ball   X X    
No-Stuffing Dog Toys X X      
Crunchy Chew Toys X     X  
Super Squeaky Dog Toy X     X  
Plush Puppies Dog Toy X     X X
Kong Blue   X X    
Triple Threat Bouncy Bone   X X    

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