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How To Pack A Dog Emergency Kit

Dog emergency kit

When a disaster happens, you have limited time to prepare. If you have a dog emergency kit ready to go, you can save valuable time being ready to take your dog to safety. What should go in this kit? Here are the bare essentials, the should-haves, and the extras if you have space.

Bare Essentials

  -  Dog food for a week. Dogs do best when kept on their regular diet, so it’s good to have his regular food on hand.
  -  Bottled water. Just in case.
  -  Veterinary records. If your dog must go into emergency shelter, these records will be crucial to getting him a spot.
  -  Medications. If your dog needs medication, make sure you have it handy.
  -  A crate. Crates are often a pet’s passport to safety. During evacuations for Hurricane Sandy, animals were allowed on public transportation – but only if they were crated.
  -  Collar, leash, tags. Naturally.
  -  Food and water bowls. It’s hard to keep your dog hydrated when you don’t have a bowl. A collapsible bowl makes it easy to carry bowls when space is limited.
  -  Plastic baggies. Just because it’s a disaster doesn’t mean dog poop should add to the mess.

Should Have


  -  First aid. In case anything happens to your dog, you’ll have dog-specific treatment on hand. These dog first aid kits have supplies for treating dog injuries plus instruction cards for how to handle various injuries. It’s like an EMT in a box.
  -  Contact phone numbers. Know where and how to reach your regular veterinarian, an emergency veterinarian, shelters that accept families with pets, and a nearby backup caregiver.
  -  Muzzle that allows drinking. Some dogs react aggressively when scared or nervous. It’s perfectly natural, even if it’s not ideal. A muzzle that allows drinking will let your dog drink and pant comfortably while protecting others from a bite. This protects your dog too, as a dog with a history of biting will not be welcome in emergency shelters and other public places.
  -  Thunder Jacket For Dogs. If your dog does get anxious, this jacket acts the same way a swaddling blanket works for babies. It calms dogs without drugs or training, so you get results quicker.
  -  Weather-specific protection. If you’re without power, you may be stuck in extreme heat or cold. Help your pet stay at a healthy temperature with weather-specific protection.

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  -  Toys. If you and your dog will be cooped up for a while, it’s helpful to keep him occupied with toys. A Kong stuffed with peanut butter will keep him busy while you handle the practical issues of an emergency.

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  -  Dog backpack. If you need help carrying stuff as you’re making a quick exit, let your dog help.
  -  Bed and blanket. This will help your dog feel secure, especially if it’s the one he’s used to at home. A travel dog bed is helpful as it’s easily portable and takes up little space. A blanket draped over a crate will also help create a safe, secure space for a nervous dog.
  -  A recent photo of your dog. If your dog gets lost, you can quickly make lost posters and reach out to social media for help. This photo will make it easier for others to keep an eye out for your dog.


With your dog emergency kit prepared, you and your dog have a good chance of getting out quickly and safely. Click on any of the underlined links in the post to order supplies for your disaster kit.


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