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Harnesses For Dogs: A Buyer's Guide

There are many kinds of harnesses for dogs. It’s hard sometimes to know what kind is right for your dog. Luckily, this buying guide will help you determine exactly what you need for your dog.

Is your dog…
… A Puller?
The easiest way to train your dog to stop pulling is with a no-pull dog harness. Regular harnesses that attach to a leash in the back encourage dogs to pull. This harness clips in the front and uses dog psychology to get them to walk calmly. 

Harnesses for dogs

… A Road Warrior? 
If your dog travels in the car often, a car harness (at left) is critical for keeping dogs safe. Once it attaches to a seat belt, it acts like a seat belt for your dog. Once you arrive at your destination, the leash clips to it so you can use it as a regular walking harness as well.
… A Stocky Dog?
Many stocky dogs are quite strong. If they get excited on a leash, they risk choking themselves. This pitbull harness is good for pitbulls, Boxers, and other stocky-bodied breeds who could use something other than a collar on a walk.
… A Jumper?
Many dog owners are frustrated with their dog’s jumping. Whether it’s jumping on visitors or jumping to sneak food from a counter, it’s frustrating. A no jump harness for dogs is a gentle way to teach your dog jumping is not allowed.


… High Energy?
A skijoring harness (at right) is perfect for putting that energy to use. Hook it up to a waist belt, strap on skis, and you and your dog can enjoy cross-country skiing together. No snow? Hook it to a bike and let your dog give you more speed than you would get on your own. 
… A Senior Dog?
Seniors sometimes need help getting up and down stairs, into cars, and the like. A big dog support harness will help you give them a gentle boost without throwing out your own back.
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