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10 Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

If someone on your shopping list thinks the world of their pup, a great way to show them you care is by keeping their dog in mind when you gift. Here’s a guide to gifts for dog lovers by what type of person they are.


Gifts for dog lovers

The Adventurer:

They live in the city but come alive when they leave it. The more rugged the trip, the better.

The Gift:

A dog backpack is great for pulling double-duty as a harness and storage. A leash clips to the back of the pack, letting the dog explore ahead without getting the leash tangled in his legs. The surprisingly-roomy pack holds everything from water bottles to poop bags. $32.95.

Dog leash coupler

The Zookeeper:

This is the person who can never have enough dogs.

The Gift:

A dog leash coupler lets them walk two dogs on one handle. Its ergonomic grip is comfortable for walks long and short and makes it easier to walk multiple dogs without getting leashes tangled. $44.95.

Kong Genius

The Puzzlemaster:

They love puzzles of all kinds and think the perfect Sunday morning includes a pencil and the New York Times crossword puzzle.

The Gift:

The Kong Genius makes dogs think. It has multiple holes that can be used to connect multiple Kongs or to stuff with treats and kibble. Starting at $14.95.

Leather dog collars

The Fashionista:

Style, luxury, and elegant design matter for this dog lover.

The Gift:

Leather dog collars made with the same luxurious leather used by high-end Italian shoe designers. Starting at $64.95.

Dog life jacket

The Captain:

They love nothing better than a day spent on the water… unless they can spend that day with their dog as Skipper.

The Gift:

Dog life preservers. Their Skipper should be a model of good boating, which includes wearing a life jacket. This one will keep even the best swimmer afloat and visible to everyone from boat captains to jet skiers. Starting at $34.95

Dog DNA tests

The Walking Encyclopedia:

You know the type. They know endless amounts of trivia and can’t resist looking up answers to questions they can’t answer.

The Gift:

A DNA Test For Dogs will answer the question “what kind of dog is that?” It’ll explain quirks about their dog from the curled tail to the odd behavior they can’t figure out, and give them new breeds to research. $74.95

Dog poop compost system

The Gardener:

You never see them without dirt under their nails, unless they’ve just served you a meal with ingredients freshly picked from their ever-growing bounty.

The Gift:

A dog poop compost system. While they may not want to use this compost on their vegetables, it will help their lawn stay lush easily so they can focus on their favorite plants. $74.95

Dog reflective vest

The Hunter:

Fall means start of season for them, and their dog serves as their companion and retriever.


The Gift:

A dog reflective vest keeps their dog visible as he scrambles through the forest. Better yet, it tells other hunters he’s a dog, not a target. Starting at $18.95.

Agility course

The Athlete:

They played sports in high school, have a basketball hoop over their garage, and start their day with a run.

The Gift:

A complete dog agility course. It’s a popular sport with enough regional competitions to satisfy anyone who wants a trophy. This set gives them everything they need to get started, including 4 course activities and a quick-start training guide. $69.95

Ultimate dog travel bag

The Scout:

Their motto is “always be prepared.”

The Gift:

The Ultimate Dog Travel Bag gives them a place for everything they need when wandering with their dog. From the integrated food bowl to the poop bag dispenser to the cell phone pouch, it’s perfect for the prepared dog owner. $57.95.


Did any of these gifts for dog lovers sound perfect for someone on your shopping list? Click on the gift name to order today and get free shipping with promo code gift.


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